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Experience the Caverns of Sonora, 20 minutes
These are some of the best “live” caves in the Southwestern USA. On one of several tours, you can be 60 feet under ground observing a masterpiece in the making. Known as one of the most beautiful and unique caves in the US, here you can witness crystal-like stalagmites, stalactites and other amazing natural occurrences. Daily walking tours vary in length from 45 minutes to 2.5 hours and leave continuously throughout the day (Open 9AM-5PM). SONORA CAVERNS
Tour of Eldorado, 20 minutes
TOUR OF ELDORADO In Eldorado tour the historic Eldorado Woolen Mill, Theater, Museum, Bank building, Old Jail, and more. All of these buildings preserve the charm of original western towns. After the tour, have a home cooked meal at a local eatery.
See Eldorado’s Restaurants
Tour of Sonora, 20 minutes
TOUR OF SONORA You can visit Sonora’s historic downtown area that’s rich in pioneer heritage, tour the original Sutton County jail, that was once home to many frontier outlaws, hike the trails of Eaton Hill Wildlife Sanctuary.
See Sonora’s Restaurants
Tour of Ozona, 30 minutes
TOUR OF OZONA Ozona has unique attractions that include the David Crockett statue (this is in Crockett County!), the Tie That Binds sculpture, the Emerald House, and the Crockett County Museum. And you can truly ‘Hang Your Hat In History’ while visiting the Ozona town square… 6 of the 11 town’s Historical Markers are located there!
See Ozona’s Restaurants
Tour of Christoval Vineyards, 1 hour
cristoval 25 acre estate vineyard and winery is nestled up to the banks of the spring-fed Concho River in Christoval, Texas.
Visitors are invited to tour this beautiful vineyard and winery and taste a range of outstanding wines.Tasting room is open Thursday through Sunday from  11:30am to 6:30pm.  Call ahead at 1-325-315-8077 for more information.
Tour of San Angelo, 1 hour
Producers Auction In the midst of dry and rugged West Texas ranching country, San Angelo is regarded by many as an oasis. Not only is it blessed with more water than most of the region, it is an oasis of attractions and activities.Have a leisure stroll along the Concho ‘River Walk’ or El Paseo de Santa Angela. The Cactus Hotel was Conrad Hilton’s fourth hotel. Concho Avenue, the first street of Santa Angela shares simple charm with delightful country collectibles.


View the Pictographs at Seminole Canyon State Park and Historic Site, 1.75 hours
SEMINOLE CANYON Ancient pictographs, rugged limestone terrain and spectacular canyons lure visitors to Seminole Canyon State Historical Park (45 miles from Del Rio). Fate Bell Shelter contains some of North America’s oldest rock paintings-carbon dated at 4,000 years old. Visitors who hike down into the canyon to this enormous rock shelter view dozens of prehistoric paintings. Guided tours from the Fate Bell Shelter are held Wednesday through Sunday at 10 am and 3 pm.


See Indian Pictographs at Paint Rock, 1.5 hours
PAINT ROCK Visit hundreds of historic Indian pictographs found along a rock bluff overlooking the Concho River. As one of the largest pictograph sites in the US, most pictures are from 200-500 years old, although some are thought to be prehistoric. Archaeologists think that most were made by Jumanos, Apaches, Tonkawas, Comanches and some lesser tribes who were in the area. A privately owned ranch on Hwy 83, immediately north of Paint Rock TX, offers views of Native American pictographs on limestone cliffs bordering the Concho River. Open by appointment (325) 732-4376.


Travel on the Texas Forts Trail
Texas Forts Trail  X Bar Ranch Trails  along the Texas Forts Trail

Fort McKavett State Historic Site and the Fort Trading Post, 1 hour
Fort McKavett founded in 1852 on the headwaters of the San Saba river consists of 15 buildings kept, through constant use and maintenance, in near original condition. These buildings include: officers’ quarters, barracks, a hospital, a school house, a bakery, post headquarters and others.
The fort was established as a deterrent to Indian raids, mainly by Comanches and Lipan Apaches, in the area and to provide protection for travelers on the Upper El Paso Road- an important artery for emigration to the California gold fields.
FORT TRADING POST Around the corner from the fort you can have a drink at The Fort Trading Post. It is an authentic place full of collectibles- from cow horns to oil lamps, leather and beads to antique beer and spice signs- the walls tell it all.
Fort Concho National Historic Landmark in San Angelo, 1 hour
Founded as a frontier army post in 1867 at the junction of the North and Middle Concho Rivers, Fort Concho provided protection to frontier settlements and trade routes. Today, Fort Concho encompasses most of the former army post and includes 23 original and restored fort structures. FORT CONCHO
Fort Concho Exhibitions Periodically, living history demonstrations are held, with soldiers in authentic dress conducting exercises on the parade grounds.
Fort Lancaster State Historic Site, 1.5 hours
FORT LANCASTER When originally established as Camp Lancaster in August of 1855, it was strategically located on the military road between San Antonio and El Paso, near an important river crossing. Flat-topped mesas and plateaus intersected by steep-walled canyons form this part of the Trans-Pecos region.


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