Last Minute Items

Last Minute Items:

  • Did you remember to print out our Observing List ? (copies may not be available at ESP)
  • Print your own copy of the ESP schedule, including speakers and mealtimes.
  • Forgot to buy a meal? We changed the rules some:
    Meals can be purchased up to 6 PM of the day before (not for the current day). These can be bought at the registration tent. See our ESP Meals page for more information.
  • Forgot what meals you purchased? Check at the front gate or the serving line at the Lodge.
  • Where are the meals and evening speakers? The Live Oak Lodge is a short walk. Follow the dirt road north alongside the highway. This will lead past the north gate and around to the Lodge building with its long covered front porch. There is a shortcut path (see lime green tape markings) near the north gate, that leads directly to the Lodge area. The lodge has a kitchen area (where the meals serving line is), tables and chairs to relax in, as well as a satellite TV. Our meeting room is in the same building to the right.
  • Will my cellphone work? Maybe. There is cellphone service in the area. The nearest phones are in town. An medical-emergency-only phone is in the lodge.
  • Need a list of nearby places to eat or shop for supplies? Print our Food & Supplies Places
  • Thursday night we have invited some of the locals to come by until 11:00 PM to look through the telescopes. We want the community to be excited about us, and help us to control light pollution for future star parties. Help them get excited about astronomy!
  • Please don’t forget to look over our Observing Site Rules !
  • After ESP, we will be sending you a survey form by e-mail. Please take the time to help us… return the survey form and give us your feedback on what we did right and what we did wrong!
  • Interesting in communicating with your friends at ESP? If you have an FRS/GMRS radio, you can use
    Channel 6-Subchannel 0 for “public” communication.